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[] 2010-04-24 - Thin Red Line を含むブックマーク


Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
1 St. Louis Rams Sam Bradfordサム・ブラッドフォード Quarterback Oklahoma
2 Detroit Lions Ndamukong Suhネダムコング・スー Defensive tackle Nebraska
3 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Gerald McCoyジェラルド・マッコイ Defensive tackle Oklahoma
4 Washington Redskins Trent Williamsトレント・ウィリアムス Offensive tackle Oklahoma
5 Kansas City Chiefs Eric Berryエリック・ベリー Safety Tennessee
6 Seattle Seahawks Russell Okungラッセル・オクング Offensive tackle Oklahoma State
7 Cleveland Browns Joe Hadenジョー・ヘイデン Cornerback Florida
8 Oakland Raiders Rolando McClainロナルド・マクレイン Linebacker Alabama
9 Buffalo Bills C. J. Spillerスピラー Running back Clemson
10 Jacksonville Jaguars Tyson Alualuタイソン・アルアル(いやナイ) Defensive tackle California
11*1 San Francisco 49ers Anthony Davisアントニー・デービス Offensive tackle Rutgers
12*2 San Diego Chargers Ryan Mathewsライアン・マシューズ Running back Fresno State
13*3 Philadelphia Eagles Brandon Grahamブランドン・グラハム Defensive end Michigan
14*4 Seattle Seahawks Earl Thomasアール・トーマス Safety Texas
15 New York Giants Jason Pierre-Paulジェイソン・ピエール=ポール Defensive end South Florida
16 Tennessee Titans Derrick Morganデリック・モーガン Defensive end Georgia Tech
17*5 San Francisco 49ers Mike Iupatiマイク・アイウパティ Guard Idaho
18 Pittsburgh Steelers Maurkice Pounceyマーキス・ポーンシー Center Florida
19 Atlanta Falcons Sean Weatherspoonショーン・ウェザースプーン Linebacker Missouri
20 Houston Texans Kareem Jacksonカリーム・ジャクソン Cornerback Alabama
21 Cincinnati Bengals Jermaine Greshamジャーメイン・グリシャム Tight end Oklahoma
22*6 Denver Broncos Demaryius Thomasデマリウス・トーマス Wide receiver Georgia Tech
23 Green Bay Packers Bryan Bulagaブライアン・ブラガ Offensive tackle Iowa
24*7 Dallas Cowboys Dez Bryantデズ・ブライアント Wide receiver Oklahoma State
25*8 Denver Broncos Tim Tebowティム・ティーボウ Quarterback Florida
26 Arizona Cardinals Dan Williamsダン・ウィリアムス Defensive tackle Tennessee
27*9 New England Patriots Devin McCourtyデビン・マッコーティ Cornerback Rutgers
28*10 Miami Dolphins Jared Odrickジャレッド・オドリック Defensive tackle Penn State
29 New York Jets Kyle Wilsonカイル・ウィルソン Cornerback Boise State
30*11 Detroit Lions Jahvid Bestジャビッド・ベスト Running back California
31 Indianapolis Colts Jerry Hughesジェリー・ヒューズ Defensive end TCU
32 New Orleans Saints Patrick Robinsonパトリック・ロビンソン Cornerback Florida State

[] 2010-04-24 - Thin Red Line を含むブックマーク


Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
33 St. Louis Rams Rodger Saffoldロジャー・サッフォード Offensive tackle Indiana
34*12 Minnesota Vikings Chris Cookクリス・クック Cornerback Virginia
35 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Brian Priceブライアン・プライス Defensive tackle UCLA
36 Kansas City Chiefs Dexter McClusterデクスター・マクルスター Running back Ole Miss
37*13 Philadelphia Eagles Nate Allenネイト・アレン Safety South Florida
38 Cleveland Browns T. J. Wardウォード Safety Oregon
39*14 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Arrelious Bennアレリアス・ベン Wide receiver Illinois
40*15 Miami Dolphins Koa Misiコア・ミシ Defensive end Utah
41 Buffalo Bills Torrell Troupトーレル・トループ Defensive tackle UCF
42*16 New England Patriots Rob Gronkowskiロブ・グロンコウスキー Tight end Arizona
43*17 Baltimore Ravens Sergio Kindleセルジオ・キンドル Defensive end Texas
44*18 Oakland Raiders Lamarr Houstonラマー・ヒューストン Defensive tackle Texas
45 Denver Broncos Zane Beadlesゼーン・ビードルス Offensive tackle Utah
46 New York Giants Linval Josephリンバル・ジョセフ Defensive tackle East Carolina
47*19 Arizona Cardinals Daryl Washingtonダリル・ワシントン Linebacker TCU
48 Carolina Panthers Jimmy Clausenジミー・クロウセン Quarterback Notre Dame
49 San Francisco 49ers Taylor Maysテイラー・メイズ Safety USC
50*20 Kansas City Chiefs Javier Arenasジャビエル・アリーナス Cornerback Alabama
51*21 Minnesota Vikings Toby Gerhartトビー・ゲルハルト Running back Stanford
52 Pittsburgh Steelers Jason Worildsジェイソン・ウォーリッズ Defensive end Virginia Tech
53 New England Patriots Jermaine Cunninghamジャーメイン・カニンガム Defensive end Florida
54 Cincinnati Bengals Carlos Dunlapカルロス・ダンラップ Defensive end Florida
55*22 Dallas Cowboys Sean Leeショーン・リー Linebacker Penn State
56 Green Bay Packers Mike Nealマイク・ニール Defensive tackle Purdue
57 Baltimore Ravens Terrence Codyテレンス・コディ Defensive tackle Alabama
58*23 Houston Texans Ben Tateベン・テイト Running back Auburn
59*24 Cleveland Browns Montario Hardestyモンタリオ・ハーデスティ Running back Tennessee
60*25 Seattle Seahawks Golden Tateゴールデン・テイト Wide receiver Notre Dame
61 New York Jets Vladimir Ducasseヴラディミール・デュカス Offensive tackle Massachusetts
62*26New England Patriots Brandon Spikesブランドン・スパイクス Linebacker Florida
63 Indianapolis Colts Pat Angererパット・アンゲラール Linebacker Iowa
64 New Orleans Saints Charles Brownチャールズ・ブラウン Offensive tackle USC

*1:CHI→DEN オートン事件+DEN→SF 全体13位+4巡113位

*2:MIA→SD 1巡12位、4巡110位、6巡173位、対価として1巡28位、2巡40位、4巡126位+LB1名

*3:SF→DEN さっきの11位 DEN→PHI 24位および3巡70位および3巡87位

*4:DEN→SEA 2009年2巡補償

*5:CAR→SF 2009年2巡4巡補償

*6:NE→DEN 24位+SFから貰った4巡113位

*7:PHI→DEN 13位対価 DEN→NE 22位対価 NE→DAL 27位および3巡90位

*8:BAL→DEN 2巡43位、3巡70位、4巡114位

*9:DAL→NE 24位対価

*10:SD→MIA 1巡12etc対価

*11:MIN→DET 1巡30位+4巡128位対価として2巡34位+4巡100位+7巡214位

*12:DET→MIN 1巡30位対価

*13:WAS→PHI マクナブの対価

*14:OAK→TB 42位+4巡153位

*15:SEA→SD 40位+2011年3巡対価60位+QB1名 SD→MIA 全体12位時対価として使用

*16:CHI→TB 故ゲインズ・アダムス対価 TB→OAK 39位指名権時使用 OAK→NE 44位および6巡190位

*17:MIA→DEN マーシャル対価 DEN→BAL 1巡25位対価

*18:JAC→NE 2009年度3巡対価 NE→OAK 42位対価

*19:TEN→NE 2009年度3巡対価 NE→ARI 58位+3巡89位

*20:ATL→KC ゴンザレス対価

*21:HOU→MIN 62位+3巡93位

*22:PHI→DAL 59位+4巡125位

*23:ARI→NE 47位対価 NE→HOU 62位+4巡150位

*24:DAL→PHI 55位対価 PHI→CLE 3巡71位+4巡134位+4巡146位

*25:SD→SEA 40位対価

*26:MIN→HOU 51位対価の58位指名権 HOU→NE 58位対価

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[] 2010-04-20 - Thin Red Line を含むブックマーク







No. Team PlayerPositionSchool Analysis
1. STL Sam BradfordQuarterbackOklahoma The Rams have set up their roster to add a franchise quarterback in the draft. Bradford might not be the highest-rated player on the board, but his selection will give the organization someone to build around. (Mike Sando)
2. DET Ndamukong SuhDefensive TackleNebraska There has been significant debate about the wisdom of giving No. 2 money to a defensive tackle. Oklahoma State left tackle Russell Okung is a financial alternative. But if the Lions want the best player here, Suh is their man. (Kevin Seifert)
3. TB Gerald McCoyDefensive TackleOklahoma The Bucs might prefer Suh. But they'll be very happy to add McCoy to the middle of a defensive line that desperately needs help. McCoy has been compared to Warren Sapp. The Bucs will be thrilled if he's anything close to that. (Pat Yasinskas)
4. WAS Russell OkungOffensive TackleOklahoma State With Donovan McNabb now in the fold, the Skins need someone to protect his blind side. Okung is the most complete left tackle in the draft and he'll be expected to lock down the position for the next 10 years or so. Andy Reid's "genius" prevents Mike Shanahan from making a play for Sam Bradford. (Matt Mosley)
5. KC Eric BerrySafetyTennessee The Chiefs would have a decision to make if Okung fell past Washington. Berry has to be the choice over the other available left tackles. Berry can be the impact defender Kansas City desperately needs. (Bill Williamson)
6. SEA Trent WilliamsOffensive TackleOklahoma The Seahawks badly need a tackle and scouts say Williams would fit their scheme nicely. This would seemingly be an easy choice given how the first five picks unfolded. (Mike Sando)
7. CLE Earl ThomasFree SafetyTexas The Browns would prefer Berry here, but Thomas is the next best thing. Cleveland now has its playmaker at safety to match division rivals Baltimore (Ed Reed) and Pittsburgh (Troy Polamalu). (James Walker)
8. OAK Bryan BulagaOffensive TackleIowa The Raiders must address left tackle. They may be tempted to take a defender like Rolando McClain or Joe Haden or even trading down. But taking Bulaga begins the rebuilding process on the line. (Bill Williamson)
9. BUF Jimmy ClausenQuarterbackNotre Dame If there's a run on offensive tackles, the Bills will have a tough decision to make. Do they pick up a possible franchise quarterback or the fourth-best tackle in the draft? Based on this mock that would be Anthony Davis of Rutgers. Clausen is too tempting to pass up here. (Tim Graham)
10. JAC Rolando McClainLinebackerAlabama Trading down to gain extra picks looks to be priority No. 1. But in this scenario in this spot, McClain is very attractive. He'd ensure Daryl Smith is outside where he belongs, and potentially give the Jags the sort of playmaking MLB they see in Indy and Houston. (Paul Kuharsky)
11. DEN Dez BryantWide ReceiverOklahoma State The Jaguars' selection of McClain makes Denver turn to Bryant to replace Brandon Marshall. There is a risk that Bryant could be an off-field problem like Marshall was, but his talent can't be denied. Denver could also think about trading down to take Florida center Maurkice Pouncey. (Bill Williamson)
12. MIA Dan WilliamsDefensive TackleTennessee Now that the Dolphins have taken care of their missing piece at wide receiver, their biggest pressing need is nose tackle. Aging veteran Jason Ferguson will be suspended the first eight games, and while Paul Soliai has been a solid fill-in, he's not the type of player who can be the keystone in a 3-4 defense. Williams is an elite run stopper. (Tim Graham)
13. SF C.J. SpillerRunning BackClemson The 49ers filled their need for a return specialist by adding Ted Ginn Jr., but Spiller would appear to be the most dynamic player available at this point. The 49ers need to set up Alex Smith for success and Spiller would liven up the offense. Cornerback Joe Haden, tackle Anthony Davis or pass-rush help could make sense, too. (Mike Sando)
14. SEA Derrick MorganDefensive EndGeorgia Tech Spiller would make sense if the 49ers did go with a tackle under this scenario. Morgan would give new Seattle coach Pete Carroll another building block on defense. End is a huge need and the value would seem to be there. (Mike Sando)
15. NYG Mike IupatiGuardIdaho The Giants probably wanted McClain, but Iupati can take over immediately at left guard. The Giants must regain their identity with the running game. McClain was the guy, but Paul Kuharsky "reaches" for him at No. 10. (Matt Mosley)
16. TEN Brandon GrahamDefensive EndMichigan The draft's first CB or second DE? The Titans go polished production over long-term upside in Jason Pierre-Paul. But with good options on the board at both positions, I think they'd love to move back, perhaps for Pierre-Paul or Kyle Wilson later. (Paul Kuharsky)
17. SF Anthony DavisOffensive TackleRutgers The 49ers wanted to draft a tackle in 2009, but they saw more value in Michael Crabtree than Michael Oher. Passing on a tackle two years in a row could be tough. Davis would fill an immediate need. (Mike Sando)
18. PIT Joe HadenCornerbackFlorida This is a dream scenario for the Steelers and fills their biggest need on defense. They acquire the best cover corner in the draft without moving up from No. 18 to get him. (James Walker)
19. ATL Jason Pierre-PaulDefensive EndSouth Florida I think they'd prefer Graham's proven track record over Pierre-Paul's potential. Outside linebacker also is a possibility here. But the need for a pass-rusher is so great, the Falcons almost can't pass on Pierre-Paul. (Pat Yasinskas)
20. HOU Ryan MathewsRunning BackFresno State The Texans can't be displeased with the options here -- a choice of running backs beyond Spiller and corners beyond Haden. I think it'll be a choice between Mathews or Devin McCourty. Completing the offense trumps defensive need -- which gets addressed next. (Paul Kuharsky)
21. CIN Jermaine GreshamTight EndOklahoma In seven years, quarterback Carson Palmer has never had a legitimate threat at tight end. Gresham is a tremendous weapon in the middle of the field who could take Cincinnati's passing game to the next level. (James Walker)
22. NE Sergio KindleLinebackerTexas The Patriots were frustrated with their production at outside linebacker. Highly-paid veterans Adalius Thomas and Derrick Burgess combined for eight sacks. Kindle fits the Bill Belichick prototype for an outside linebacker. Kindle's about 6-foot-3 and 250 pounds and versatile enough to rush the passer, pursue the run and drop into coverage. (Tim Graham)
23. GB Charles BrownOffensive TackleUSC I'm thinking the Packers would have jumped on Kindle if New England passed him up. I also gave serious thought to Boise State cornerback Kyle Wilson, but stuck with the Packers' top need. (Kevin Seifert)
24. PHI Kyle WilsonCornerbackBoise State The Eagles can't believe their good fortune when the Packers take a project player in front of them. There's a chance Wilson immediately takes over for Sheldon Brown as a starter. The Cowboys were hoping he'd keep sliding. (Matt Mosley)
25. BAL Jared OdrickDefensive TacklePenn State With the exception of Haloti Ngata, Baltimore's D-line is getting long in the tooth. Odrick is a solid value pick here and will immediately help Baltimore win those battles in the trenches. (James Walker)
26. ARI Sean WeatherspoonLinebackerMissouri The Cardinals could use a nose tackle, but none of the available ones appear worth taking this early. Let's stick with the front seven and give Arizona a young linebacker to replace Karlos Dansby, a player the team took in the same general range (33rd overall) in 2004. (Mike Sando)
27. DAL Devin McCourtyCornerbackRutgers Jerry Jones hopes a team will want the free-falling safety out of USC (Taylor Mays). If so, the Cowboys will bail out of this pick and trade down. But if they stay at home, McCourty's the player. Great character and a big-time playmaker. The Ravens really surprised the Cowboys by taking Odrick so soon. Dallas loved the former Penn State defensive tackle. Is James Walker reading their mail? (Matt Mosley)
28. SD Terrence CodyDefensive TackleAlabama The Chargers have big needs for a nose tackle and a running back. Because of a strong running back class, San Diego fills the nose tackle need first with Mt. Cody. Expect A.J. Smith to wheel and deal and perhaps jump up and get a running back early in the second round. (Bill Williamson)
29. NYJ Taylor MaysSafetyUSC Aside from safety and getting younger on the defensive line, the Jets have addressed every other need through trades or free agency. Mays is an aggressive player with a freakish combination of speed and power. (Tim Graham)
30. MIN Maurkice PounceyCenter/GuardFlorida As much as the Vikings need a long-term answer at quarterback, I couldn't bring myself to take Colt McCoy or Tim Tebow at No. 30 overall. If the Vikings favor either one, they'll trade out of the first round. Coach Brad Childress and VP of player personnel Rick Spielman worked out Pouncey earlier this month. (Kevin Seifert)
31. IND Jerry HughesDefensive EndTCU A third end is a big need for the Colts, and Hughes can make plays in the backfield like the guys he'd supplement. Pouncey or tackle Rodger Saffold would also look to be strong possibilities here. My wild card at 31 or with a deal down: tight end Rob Gronkowski, who could help with some of the run-blocking issues. (Paul Kuharsky)
32. NO Carlos DunlapDefensive EndFlorida Outside linebacker might be a bigger need, but there's no value pick here. The Saints solidified the defensive end spot with the signing of Alex Brown, but he's not young and neither are Will Smith and Bobby McCray. (Pat Yasinskas)
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2010-04-08-Thu このエントリーを含むブックマーク


  • [英文]

 Economical on the ball

Barcelona are the undisputed kings of Europe when it comes to keeping the ball. So far in this season’s UEFA Champions League campaign, they have been in possession for 67% of the time the ball has been in play. But which team is the most economical with the ball when it comes to creative chances?

Taking the time each team had possession and dividing by the number of shots and corners they had (a useful, if imperfect, measure of their ability to create chances) Bordeaux and Lyon are fastest to threaten the goal, taking a shot or corner every 1.63 minutes in possession. In contrast, reigning champions Barcelona create an opening every 2.48minutes they have the ball. Not that this makes them less deadly: for every 12.8 shots or corners they take, they score.

 The corner kings of the competition so far might come as a surprise. Real Madrid have won 69(8.6 a game), Bayern 60 and Arsenal 56. Arsène Wenger’s team obviously but into the theory that you can’t win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket: they have averaged 8.37 shots a match.

  • [翻訳]






アーセナル 1.73
バルセロナ 2.48
バイエルン 1.64
ボルドー 1.63
CSKA 1.99
インテル 2.08
リヨン 1.63
マンチェスター 1.78
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